Title:              Tremble Before The Fiery Gaze Of The Lord (aka Heat Vision)
Sub/RSS:      Putting the evangelists back in evangelism marketing

Visual:            Friendly priest sermonizing at the pulpit

Priest:            In many ways, the story of Superman is really the story of Jesus. A fact I only just realized when Warner Brothers gave me these opening weekend sermon notes.


Visual:            Jamie and Klara are in the pews, exchanging uneasy glances. Their kids, however, LOVE IT. The priest is off screen, but we can still see his speech bubble.

Priest:            For truly, what could be more Christ-like than to beat your enemies into submission with diamond-hard fists while screaming in rage, laying waste to entire city blocks and almost certainly killing thousands of innocent bystanders?


Visual:            Back to priest, who is frowning and scolding non-believers.

Priest:            And who’s to say The Prince Of Peace didn’t snap Pilate’s neck like a dry, brittle twig? Were you there? I didn’t think so.