"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And spiders. Spiders scare the living shit out of me." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Posted on January 22nd, 2007

Mock me if you must, but I suspect anyone who claims to be unafraid of spiders has never really looked at one. I hate spiders so much, I won't eat crab. Or lobster. Dip it in all the butter you want, but anything with compound eyes on movable stalks is unwelcome in my mouth. Call me crazy.

Besides, there are worse phobias, as evident from this week's debate. Shake your head at our idiotic fears and then post your own on the message board.

You're probably sick of hearing about me, so I'm using the rest of this space to congratulate a few friends on their latest achievements.

Writer/RockStar/Polymath/Friend Chris Eaton (the guy who's good at everything) is appearing live on MTV Canada with his band Rock Plaza Central this Tuesday. If you're in Toronto and can make it to the studio by 5, click here for free tickets. You might even see me there, assuming I can sneak out of the office early. Posting that in a blog my boss reads was probably a bad start, though.

Check out their surprisingly haunting cover of SexyBack:



"Haunting" is the wrong word for this short film by Stewart Graham. You'd need to create an entirely new word, some portmanteau fusion of trippy and hypnotizing. It's only a hundred seconds long, but I found it absolutely tripnotizing.


Congratulations to my former Art Director Andrea and her husband Graham (not me, another one) on the birth of their first organic baby! The couple had previously achieved fame as the proud progenitors of the World Rock Paper Scissors Society. Rock beats scissors. Scissors beats paper. Paper beats rock. Nothing beats baby, because that would be wrong.


Last, but not least, congratulations to one of our readers, Saro, on making the jump from struggling ad grad to working copywriter – and at his dream agency, no less. Anyone in the business knows how tough getting that first break can be. Good job, Saro. Welcome to the club.

- Graham

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