And people say I’m competitive

Posted on February 9th, 2009

Thanks for your fantastic response to last week's debate. The NOTs poured in and it was obvious by mid-afternoon on the first day that I was going to win – and by huge margin. Still, I don't think Jamie's mind really snapped until his wife Klara took my side over his.

That's not to suggest Jamie didn't get any votes. In fact, on Wednesday afternoon he received three votes in the space of 97 seconds.


Here's the only thing: NAKED votes were few and far between, so to receive three back-to-back on a Wednesday, when most of our traffic is Monday/Tuesday, struck me as odd. Then there are the subject lines, so conspicuously distinct as to scream "we have nothing in common because we're totally from different people!"

The No, this email's not real, it's footer in each message was a clue as well.

At this point, I knew somebody was cheating on Jamie's behalf, but who? I knew – knew – it couldn't be Jamie, who holds himself to an impossibly rigid moral code. I'm a nice guy who believes in spirit of the law over letter of the law. Jamie's a nice guy who believes in Hell. I've known him a decade and he's never once fudged hours on his timesheet, parked illegally or lied.

He can, however, be a bit of a dick. To his amusement, I kept Jamie abreast of my efforts to trace the guilty party using the X-originating-IP. He let me pull my hair out for a while and then casually mentioned he'd done it to mess with my head and was quite pleased with the results.

He would have gotten away with it, too, if he'd only bothered to create more plausible e-mails:



A constant stream of fascinating crap. Like a fecal fire hose, but fascinating.

Apparently, new research suggests you can improve traffic by updating your site from time to time. Hence, the sidebar you see to the, uh, side. We'll be updating it with juicy goodness several times a day, every day, in addition to posting a new comic every Monday. Where else on the Internet can you find posts about the latest ads or a detailed schematic of Boba Fett's armour? Quite a few places, actually, but this one's ours.

Jamie's been working really hard on the redesign, so we hope you like it. Huge thanks also to Jason Theodor for his advice on the techie stuff.

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