R.I.P. Mr. C (of P&G)

Posted on October 6th, 2008

Mr. Clean got rid of dirt and grime And grease in just a minute Mr. Clean would clean your whole house If he hadn't died last Wednesday

I love me some mascots. Around 2001, I read that the success of the Toy Story movies – in particular, their success at rejuvenating aging brands like Mr. Potato Head (which saw an 800% boost in sales) and Etch-A-Sketch (a 4500% boost) – had inspired a computer animated movie about ad mascots. There weren't a lot of details at that early stage, but it was going to star Mr. Clean and Tony the Tiger among others. Despite being a shameless rip-off motivated entirely by greed rather than the desire to tell a story, I couldn't have been more excited to see it and I'm genuinely sorry it never materialized. Speaking of which, what ever happened to the Burger King movie?


P.S. Yes, his first name really was Veritably. No wonder he was so ripped: kindergarten through high school must have been one extended fist fight.

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